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Why Childhood Memories Are the Most Significant

According to mom knows best, childhood memories are the ones that people cherish and wish to remember the most. They share your soul; they shape your being; their charge includes an influence on other memories. The capacity of these memories also means that the roles of parents and teachers are so crucial during a young child’s life. Adults should consider their responsibility to find outlets to create unforgettable memories through their children.

As a mom to five children, I have plenty of memories that I want to preserve. I love looking at my kids’ old photos when they were babies as it brings me such joy. These are memories that make me smile, and I don’t want to lose them. So I love all these ways that can help one preserve childhood memories.

Childhood remembrances are treasured eternally and sometimes even passed down through different generations. People worldwide get creative and find various ways to preserve those exceptional memories with their children and family. Behind every memory is a unique story and thinking back on your most cherished memories. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a part of that special time cherished with a remembrance? Here are the reasons why childhood memories are the most significant:

They Shape Our Lives

father and son

If I hadn’t had the horrible experience with my puppy as a child, I might not have become the avid dog lover I am; if my father had once thrown me into the deep end of the pool, I probably would have become a swimmer. Or maybe things would have been different; I might have developed a water phobia instead of swimming now.

They Develop Our Character

Everything you learn as a child stays with you. My grandmother always advised me to become resilient and be tenacious in the face of adverse conditions that benefit me. This is by no means simple or an epic endeavor; I certainly don’t need it to seem that way. It just means that everything you learn in childhood stays with you.

They Determine Our Values

bibleExperiences with religion in childhood are the best illustration of how a set of values we all understand as children stays with us. Many people, regardless of their religion we adopt and cling to that religion into adulthood. For example, the persistence of Christianity is a result of being drawn to the church as a child.

Unfortunately, I had to counsel a 16-year-old who was caught with pornographic movies on his flash drive. He didn’t seem to believe it was inappropriate, that he was watching them with his father! What we know, bad or in childhood is something that lingers. Carving out memories for children has terrible implications!