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Helpful Exercises For Healing Knee Injuries

Activities form part of healing knee injuries. It is important that one seeks professional advice before setting out to begin any exercises since some may worsen the injury. The exercises consist of a variety of activities that are grouped under mobility, strengthening and also functional exercises. Below are some of the helpful exercises for healing knee injuries.

Some of the mobility exercises are meant to help a person recover mobility, and they include the following

Heel slides

This involves the patient lying on their back mostly on a hard surface. One is to move their heel slowly towards their buttocks till the point where they will be comfortable. One can wear socks to help in sliding the foot.


This type of exercise is necessary for both improving the mobility of the knee and yyuygcgcgcstrength of the knee quadriceps and hamstrings. It also helps in relieving the swelling around the knee. One can do this by when seated by holding their leg to enable bending and straightening the knee until they are comfortable with it or as the pain will allow them.

The next sets of exercises are the strengthening exercises which include the following

Static quad contractions

This can be done on a daily basis when the pain has subsided. The quadriceps muscles are contracted at the front of the thigh then held for at least ten seconds. One can do this set of exercises with a rolled up towel under the knee. With the help of the contractions, the foot will automatically be lifted allowing the knee to be straight.

Calf raises

These are done by standing with feet apart at shoulder width. One should also be close to something to hold on to for balance. One can use both legs at the same time when they are beginning, and later they can do on the injured knee only.

Leg curls

This kind of exercise is done by lying on one’s front and bending the knee up against the resistance of the ankle weights. One should ensure that their hips are firm on the surface they are lying on.

Half squats

These are done by standing with feet at a width wider than the shoulders with their back straight. One is then to squat halfway horizontally or at about forty-five degrees then return to standing position.


rsrsdrddThese are an easier version of the squat exercises. One starts with a wide stance then bend their back knee towards the floor while keeping their back upright and do them repetitively.

The other kinds of exercises are the functional ones which help in total recovery, and they include;


They are strengthening exercises which involve jumping, bounding and hopping together. The major objectives of these exercises are to increase the muscles power.