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The Best Android App Emulators for Windows

Most of the emulators for Windows lets you try out android apps on your computer. You might have experienced an app that goes with a software kit. However, third-party apps provide a great simulation experience. Emulators such as GBA Emulator offer the latest games that are not available on regular app stores. Also, allowing developers to play with their new app. Below are the top 3 best emulators for windows.

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BlueStacks is one of the best emulators to play Android games on your PC. It works with old and new applications that are on Google Play. You can also experiment with your own written app. Just right-click on the .apk item and select the application player to view it. Before, BlueStacks can only manage to run several applications. You can still run many games and apps, but with today’s progress, you can run more applications and games easily, even though 3D games experience slow frame rates. The application player has a sophisticated search option where you can enter the program’s name, click on the search results, and wait for the application to be fully installed.

The best feature of the application reader is its interface. I found it quite simple and clear. I can certainly see my installed applications through a menu where all applications are arranged horizontally. There is also a vertical sidebar that suggests new applications to download. The latest version can currently be used with almost every application available, for example, in big 3D games.

Andy Android

Andyroid manufacturers have also developed software that turns your Android tablet or smartphone into a controller. Just download the application and play your favorite games wirelessly on your computer. Downloading and installing Andyroid settings will take some time. Make sure you have Vt-x enabled in your BIOS.


The program is very easy to install and won’t take as long as Andyroid. It offers a complete android experience and works pretty fast. The application supports 3D acceleration to run almost all intensive Android graphics games on their Windows PC. The selection of the application’s SD card allows you to adjust the size of the SD card with a fairly simple tool. AMIDuOS offers a complete Android experience, just like games, and installs in no time. An application emulator for Android that needs to be downloaded to your Windows PC.